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Pernille Children's Clothing, is joining the fashion industry with its commitment to slow fashion and sustainable practices. With a mission to provide children with stylish, eco-friendly clothing, the brand exclusively works with natural fabrics to ensure a brighter and more responsible future for our little ones.

Pernille Children's Clothing recognizes the importance of responsible fashion choices for the next generation. Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Slow Fashion for Lasting Memories: Unlike fast fashion, which contributes to environmental waste, Pernille Children's Clothing takes a thoughtful approach to design and production. Each piece of clothing is meticulously crafted to ensure durability and timelessness, allowing kids to create cherished memories in their favorite outfits.
  2. All-Natural Fabrics: Sustainability is at the heart of Pernille Children's Clothing's collections. They use only natural, biodegradable fabrics, ensuring that your child's clothing is gentle on the planet. You can trust that your little one is not only looking stylish but also contributing to a more sustainable future.
  3. Ethical Production: Pernille Children's Clothing partners with ethical manufacturers who share their vision of responsible fashion. Fair labor practices are a top priority, ensuring that the people behind the brand are treated with respect and dignity.
  4. A Greener Future: Pernille Children's Clothing goes the extra mile to minimize their carbon footprint. From sustainable packaging to reduced waste in production, they are dedicated to a greener tomorrow.

Pernille: Weaving Romania's Vintage Elegance into Every Stitch

In the heart of Romania, a land known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and timeless traditions, Pernille was born. Our story is woven into the very fabric of this captivating country, and every piece of clothing we create carries a piece of Romania's vintage elegance.

Embracing the Threads of History

Romania's history is a tapestry of diverse influences and profound tales, where the elegance of kings and queens once graced the courts. Pernille's journey parallels this captivating narrative. Just as the Romanian people have embraced centuries of heritage, we too embrace the threads of history in our vintage retro style.

Craftsmanship That Resonates

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is deeply rooted in Romanian tradition, reminiscent of the regal craftsmanship that adorned royal courts. We collaborate with local artisans who bring centuries-old skills to life, creating garments that capture the essence of Romania's royal craftsmanship.

Inspired by Royal Grandeur and Timeless Elegance

The grandeur of Romania's castles and palaces, once inhabited by kings and queens, inspires our vintage retro designs. Our collections pay homage to the timeless elegance and opulence that once graced this land, making every child feel like royalty.

Embracing Diversity with Royal Flair

Romania's history is marked by a tapestry of diverse cultures, much like the diverse array of royal influences that have shaped the nation. Pernille celebrates this diversity with a touch of royal flair, blending vintage elegance with modern sensibilities.

From Transylvania to the World: Royal Elegance for All

Pernille, rooted in Transylvania, has now blossomed into an international brand. With each stitch, we share Romania's vintage elegance with the world, offering a taste of the royal heritage to children everywhere.

Join Us on this Majestic Journey

Pernille invites you to join us on this majestic journey through Romania's vintage past and elegant present. Our clothing is not just attire; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of a country with a history as regal and diverse as our designs.

In a world where choices matter, Pernille Children's Clothing empowers parents to dress their children in high-quality, sustainable, and stylish clothing. With a range of designs and styles to suit every taste, Pernille Children's Clothing is making a positive impact on the world of children's fashion.


From heart to heart, we create emotions!

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